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Doozy Trading Solutions

Automation and financial solutions for individuals and group traders.

Automated copy-trading, alert order execution, and more. If you're a retail trader or trading group looking to leverage the power of automation, complete the form below.

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Member Trade Automation

Give your members access to a robot that will parse and execute your alerts in under 450 milliseconds.

*See note on automated execution below.

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A note about automated execution: 

Just as when filling trades manually, members must understand that there is considerable financial risk involved in all trading endeavors. An automation tool may be proven and tested, but any risk or liabilities falls squarely on a member who chooses to use it for themselves.

The figure for parsing and execution time, 450 milliseconds, was observed in optimal internet connection environments of 100+ mbps upload/download. Slower internet may result in a slightly larger delay as automation tools are hosted by members, not DTS.

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